Industry-leading gin management computer software. GinLogistics™ utilizes modern technology to help your team manage your gin efficiently and effectively.

GinLogistics™ has been in development for over 5 years to become the perfect solution for your cotton gin. The GinLogistics™ software team has worked closely with gins across the country to eliminate many existing issues that exist within the current ginning software space.



GinLogistics™ Features


Straightforward UI and tools, which are simple to learn and integrate.

⚡ Fast

Industry tested solutions to provide the smoothest and most seamless experience.

Proven Solution

With over 5 years of deployment, your gin can count on GinLogistics™.


GinLogistics™ allows you to customize your software to see only the range of tools that you need.

Bale & Load

  • Capture bales directly into your system
  • Capture producer, farm, field, load #, net weight, moisture, gin timespan, and PBI
  • Create and manage HID-tracked modules, user-tagged round modules, or conventional loads
  • Easily modify and move bales between loads
  • Record load origin, scale data, condition, and accepted status
  • View HID, classing, bale data, and yard data for loads
  • Printing capability for single or multiple loads
  • View bale origin, warehouse, variety, birth time, elapsed time, parent load, weights (unwrap, net, and seed), classing data, and HID data
  • View 7-day weather history (precipitation, temperature) for HID bales

Customer Management

  • Record producer, farm, and field information
  • Record farm and field locations, acreage, distance, directions, default warehouse & varieties, and state/county (FIPS)
  • Printing capability for PFF details and lists
  • Reports for producer, farm, field information

Dray Processing & Reporting

  • Process and print each dray inside gin or at front-office
  • Dray Ticket— Trucker and gin versions, record signature, acceptee, and trailer in software records
  • Master Dray List— Filter and print dray lists
  • Recommended Dray— Dray manager will automatically recommend the next dray options based on your requirements with the click of a button
  • Dray Machine Software— Automatically adjust and print dray tickets inside of your gin, saving time and allowing your bales to be ready for dispatch

Seed Sales & Accounting

  • Automatic seed house inventory counter
  • Record seed buyers, contracts, destinations, trucking companies, seed houses, and payments
  • Reports for seed inventory, seed sales, payment history, haul reports, and more!
  • View contract statuses and balances

GinLogistics Utilities

  • Bale Transfer— Drag & drop bales between adjacent loads. Bale transfer is perfect for balancing loads or viewing loads side-by-side after they have been ginned
  • Bale Recaps— Create and monitor bale recaps based of PFF. Easily print or email recap reports!
  • Classing Data— Filter and monitor classing data received live from USDA
  • Custom Reporting— Create custom reports using any data within GinLogistics™
  • USDA transfers— Automatically transfer bales to USDA, and receive classing data in return
  • Producer management— Manage producer information
  • Farm-field management— Manage farm and field information
  • Producer Tallies— Instantly get access to live data showing produced, classed, and recapped bales for each producer, farm, and field

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