Our Complete System

GinManager handles hardware and software. This allows for greater uptime and data reliability.

Equipment Manufacturing

Kelley Electric testing equipment and control panels are custom built to match your needs. We design systems based on each customer’s requirements and specifications to match their goals.

Process Automation

Kelley Electric is able to work with facility engineering and manufacturing groups to identify, propose and implement innovative process improvement initiatives and cost reduction activities.

Cotton Gin Services

Experience Kelley Electric GinManager™, the next generation in cotton gin automation.

Count On

Kelley Electric has more than 75 years of electrical contracting experience serving industrial, commercial, cotton gin, motor testing equipment and control panel businesses.

Expert Services

Our technicians are thoroughly trained to provide the best services possible.

Great Support

We have over 230 trained technicians on-call to service any issue.

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Contact us today to start enjoying the advantages of GinManager™ Logistics!

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