Our Complete System

GinManager handles hardware and software. This allows for greater uptime and data reliability.

Integrated Solutions

GinLogistics is a multi-platform solution for desktop, browser, and mobile devices. Users may use their services anywhere, anytime!

Cloud Features

Not only can your server be stored on-site, but our cloud solutions allow for automatic backups, and access to your data anywhere in the world!

Year-Round Live Support

With trained technicians on standby, you will have access to the resources you need immediately. No more waiting around to resume business!

Count On

Kelley Electric has more than 75 years of electrical contracting experience serving industrial, commercial, cotton gin, motor testing equipment and control panel businesses.

Expert Services

Our technicians are thoroughly trained to provide the best service possible.

Great Support

We have trained technicians that are on-call to service any issue.

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Contact us today to start enjoying the advantages of GinManager™ Logistics!

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